Local Runners Give Christmas Joy

Colorfully dressed runners make their way around the west side of downtown every week, for exercise, friendship, and beer. From December 11th to the 18th, runners are getting out to give to others.

According to Aimee Chauvot Project Manager for Skinny Raven Sports,

“Skinny Raven Sports hosts a weekly pub run, starting at our downtown store and ending at a local bar and restaurant nearly every Tuesday of the year. This month we’re focusing on helping our community have a happy holiday by hosting a Toy and Towel Drive to benefit Catholic Social Services Alaska. Aimee Chauvot Project Manager for Skinny Raven Sports

“Anyone can support the Toy and Towel Drive – community members are encouraged to bring unwrapped toys and towels for collection to our downtown store by 6:30 PM on Tuesday December 18.”

If you want join the fun, dress well, wear lights, and bring a gift. To learn more about the event, Catholic Social Services has information on their Website and Blog