Go Be Happy and Walk Together

Happy people cheered the start of the 21st annual Alaska Walk For Down Syndrome, as they swarmed the West End of Delaney park strip today in their bright yellow shirts. Also know as The Buddy Walk, it is a time for families, friends, and fans, of people that live in Anchorage, that were born with Down syndrome, to enjoy the beautiful weather together and walk around the end of the Delaney park strip between P and N streets, and ninth and 10th Ave. Many people smiled and shared. The idea is to show others that their’s is not a community of “disable” people, but of wonderful joy in knowing these people. Some carrying signs that expressed their love and appreciation, the group was made up largely by those who are a part of the Alaska Down Syndrome Network. Among the walkers was, Alaska Department of Health & Social Services Commissioner, Adam Crum, who walked with his family, including the dog, to enjoy the weather and the smiles.
One of the most unique aspects of the condition – all the people that have Down syndrome have certain facial similarities. Like what family shares. This type of quality, I think, is what helps people who support people with Down syndrome be able to pull together and relate to each other and have a really good sense of comraderie. Events like this, gives these people a chance to share with the larger Anchorage community, the kind of joy and love and appreciation that they have in this extended family feeling, and that the larger community of Anchorage could be able to embrace the kind of love and joy a long with them.
This is an annual event in Anchorage. To learn more, go to their website Alaska Down Syndrome Network