Good Morning For Anchorage Cleanup

Timothy and I walk through the parking lot of the Alaska Native Cultural School, he is spying for a place to pick up trash. He talks about his daughter joining in picking up trash this year. Then, we reminisce about our childhood cleanup experiences. He grew up on the East Coast and I grew up on the West Coast, neither one of us remember any type of citywide cleanup efforts. Anchorage, Alaska truly is a beautiful place, with a lot of good people. Today, we are getting out and showing love for community, just like Anchorage Women’s Clinic volunteers working along the East side of Northern Lights. Please join in today, 2 PM to 6 PM, there are opportunities for food, and to pick up as a group. Cleanup all week long, during this citywide cleanup organized by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. There is free dump access also. Check with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, online