Empty Bowl 2019 Anchorage

Beautiful handmade artistic bowls, many smiles, the taste of good soup, all of those (and more) were the experience today at the Dena’Ina Center in downtown Anchorage Alaska. Bean’s Cafe hosted the 25th annual “Empty Bowl Project”. The ground floor of the Dena’Ina Center was filled with people at tables around the room, some sat eating corn bread and homemade soup. Others in the room surrounded the several tables of brightly colored handmade bowls. There were also several rows of items for silent auction placed around the room. Volunteers waited tables providing soup cornbread and beverages drinks. Volunteers varied from anybody‘s next-door neighbor, to Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor Kevin Meyer. “ it’s good that we have groups and organizations like this helping all citizens in the community.” The Lt. Gov. served soup today. “We don’t want anybody to go hungry. Whether you’re a small kid, or your elderly.” Funds raised from this event benefit Bean’s Cafe Dena’Ina Center and The Children’s Lunchbox, to feed the homeless and raise awareness of local poverty needs. Opportunity to buy an artfully crafted bowl will have to wait until next year, but if anyone is interested in supporting Bean’s Cafe and The Children’s Lunchbox programs, locally handmade dry soup is available for purchase. Conoco Phillips was the presenting sponsor at today’s event. To see the other sponsors and learn more go to http://beanscafe.org.