Anchorage Eyes Closed Stories Attracts International Attention

Gabriela Olmos, a Spanish instructor for the University of Alaska Anchorage and a local Spanish immersion school, is now an award winning author. Gabriela told Anchorage Good News, that she submitted her book for consideration to Latino Literacy Now, an organization that promotes literacy and accomplishment in the Latino community, and is being recognized in community oriented books. Her book “Eyes Closed”, coauthored with Shirley May Stanton, Director of Keys to Life, is inspired by their Eyes Closed Project  a result of a series of interviews with 69 Anchorage children about their dreams of self, family, and community. Their “Eyes Closed Project” was in conjunction with the Keys of Life organization. Gabriela considers listening to the dreams of children to be valuable because of their spontaneous nature, and their longing to accomplish their dreams.