Feeling Good Celebrating Breast Cancer Survivors

The people of Anchorage get out to celebrate victories over breast cancer, and other forms of cancer, in today’s American Cancer Society sponsored Making Strides Fight Against Breast Cancer Walk & 5K. Pink and hot pink, tents and feather boa‘s, T-shirts and tables dot the green grass of the Delaney Park Strip, near M St. between 9th and 10th, in downtown Anchorage this morning. This time every year, people gather together to walk or run in support of breast survivors and for awareness. Many local businesses sponsor tables at these events, including one honoring the survivors of cancer. Live music fills the air, courtesy of the local band The Stack, as people warm up to head out for the walk. Organizers and attendees consider this walk to be valuable to be able to celebrate the lives of people who have been able to survive cancer, an opportunity to spread awareness and encouragement about breast cancer check ups. One person is Captain Jason Dolph, Anchorage Fire Department. This is another annual event downtown, to find out more go to Making Strides
Captain Dolph encountered Anchorage Good News later today, at the Women’s Show being held at the Sullivan Arena this weekend. AGN was given a press release that the Anchorage Fire Department is hiring Firefighter/EMT, and is interested in hiring women who are capable. This position closes October 11, 2019. To apply: http://www.muni.org/jol