Free Life Size Bible Story Tours

Have you read the Old Testament of the Bible and ever got your brain stuck on trying to visualize the dimensions of the temples that are described in the Old Testament? Downtown on the Delaney Park Strip (E Street & 10th) for the past week and continuing for the next two days, there is Messiah’s Mansion. A life-size replica of one of the temples, along with some of its items, for people to see and experience the information in the Holy Bible Pastor Jim John, of the Northside Seventh Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, sponsor of the Messiah‘s Mansion being here in Anchorage for the first time ever, looks at it as a way of helping people connect with stories of the Bible. And ultimately help them draw closer and faith. “As a sponsoring church,“ Pastor Johnson smiles happily, “it has been a joy, to see Anchorage come together. As a community of believers, and, even those who have no faith, or nonbelievers, who are coming in to look at this. “