9/11 Hero Ship Joins The Phillips Cruises Fleet

The video is long, but worth it.

Cut the ribbon and pass the cake! Alaska Facebook personality, and owner of Diamond VIP Services, Bayinna Kerah, helps Anchorage Good News tell the story about networking Alaska style.

Members of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and the Whittier Chamber of Commerce celebrated the newest ship in the Phillips Cruises & Tours fleet, the “Bravest”. The ship was used prior in New York City, in the New York Waterway Fleet, and was one of the first responder ships of the rescue effort on September 11, 2001. The ship has been refitted to accommodate pleasure cruise passengers and was transported, via the Panama Canal, to Victoria, B.C. Canada. Then, piloted to Whittier by the Phillips Cruises & Tours crew.

Part of the party, was getting to know the shop owners along the Whittier business district. So we played a scavenger-hunt BINGO, starting at the harbormasters office at the Whittier Harbor, leading to the Bravest. At places like the Lazy Otter, Swiftwater Seafood Café, and Fee’s Custom Foods, we had to answer questions about Whittier, to earn stickers and make BINGO, to enter for prizes. On board Bravest, partygoers enjoyed food cooked by the crew, opportunity to drink a unique, 21 and over, beverage called, the Glacier Ice Margarita, served in a cool plastic glass, over actual glacier ice.
Phillips has been in business for 61 years. To learn more and enjoy their services, go to Phillips Cruises & Tours If Whittier is too far to drive, Greatland Adventures founder, Steve Busby, partners with Phillips to create a shuttle service from three Anchorage hotels to Whittier. To learn more about them, go to Greatland Adventures#greatlandadventures

Phillips Cruises & Tours also welcomed Whittier’s Mayor to celebrate 50 years with the Whittier Chamber of Commerce. The ship’s captain, Capt. Kyle, Was also celebrating his birthday, and all in attendance sang “happy birthday” to him. See the song on the Facebook Anchorage Good News. To see an interview with the captain who escorted the Bravest here, it is on author’s LinkedIn page.