More Than Just Good Chicken Fingers

Would you believe that one of today’s new blossoming be to refranchises was once written off as a failure? It’s a good thing that Todd Graves didn’t listen to his business instructor’s criticism of the business plan, for what would become Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Named after Todd’s dog. That wasn’t the only discouragement that Todd had faced back at the beginning, but he didn’t let it stop him. It was because of determination that we have Raising Cane‘s opening up here, next Tuesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony and prizes. The company’s brand embraces principles of determination, entrepreneurship, hard work, having fun at work, and giving back to your community. Which is more than just talk when, last week, company executives donated their time at Bean‘s Café. Raising Cane’s is also collecting food for the Alaska food bank and Bartlett high school. They are also sponsoring the Lemonade Day program, which imparts entrepreneurial opportunity to anyone. If you have time Tuesday March 19th, come see who this company is, and get your love on.