50 Years of Special Olympics Alaska

Think of what a Special Olympian is. Enthusiastic and easy to love fellowship, between people playing sports. Just inside of the front door at Special Olympics facility in Mountain View, a big sign reads, “Changing the world is a contact sport”. Today, Special Olympics Alaska is celebrating 50 years of creating an environment where being special means, you’re included. Winning is a huge part of sports, but the Special Olympics oath of participating players reminds all that winning is a goal, but having fun is more important. Being accepted, encouraged, and supported is important and Special Olympics dedicated volunteers do a good job of providing that environment to people with disabilities.
The 2019 Summer Games are being held at Dimond High School, in the several gymnasiums. While checking out the basketball, powerlifting, swimming, and field and track, a young lady with a pretty pink sash and a tiara came in to Anchorage Good News view. Her name is Daiquiri Wright, and she is the 2019 Teen Alaska Miss Amazing. It is a title offered up two ladies with disabilities between the ages of 8 and 36. It is not a part of the Special Olympics program, but Daiquiri was there in her role as Miss Amazing, to provide community support for the Olympians. She herself is a special Olympian, but did not participate so that she happily fulfill her Amazing duties. Check out her interview on Anchorage Good News Facebook.
See the interview with Geoff Lundfeld, CEO of Alaska USA, and board member of Special Olympics Alaska, on this author’s LinkedIn page