Spanish Senior Social At ASAC

Today was the day that the Anchorage Senior Activities Center, in conjunction with, Ninetta Regalado, a local resident who makes parties for seniors in Anchorage who feel isolated because they only speak Spanish. There were about two dozen Hispanic rooted peoples in the room. Mexico was predominant, but there was a woman from Peru, and another woman from Chile. As a way of introducing people to each other, they played a game to say you name, where they came from, what they like to do. When it came to answering the question of what people like to do, the most common thing was, to dance. It is the word, Bailar.
May is the international month of Mother’s Day, and was part of the reason for the gathering. To be able to celebrate a holiday with peoples of shared culture.
There were children dancers who came to entertain the group. They are called, Team Uatzi. Uatzi In Mexico, means “niños”. The moms of the group teach their children to appreciate the roots of the country that they came from prior to moving to the United States. Some of the children are first and second generation Americans, and they love learning about the culture of their family.
There are plans to do this again.