Join Free Yoga Downtown Anchorage Summer 2019

It’s a whole new season of getting into that down dog position. The Studio, brought to you by the Alaska Club, has opened another free season of yoga downtown at the Delaney Park strip. Wednesday nights from. Ow until August, 6 o’clock until 7 o’clock crowds of people gather together to do yoga, between ninth and 10th at I Street. There are are dogs that come to do yoga on the park strip. Yoga is an exercise that involves the mind and the body, to be able to move in a way that allows you to reduce stress, and stretch to increase the good feelings of your body. The yoga event downtown has been going on for I don’t know how many years, and offers a free yoga experience for all who are willing to come downtown and see if yoga fits into your lifestyle. With everything that is going on in the community, yoga is a very good thing for people to try and engage with. With Yoga in the Park, you will be able to hook into an exercise that’s not stressful, that will help you grow as a person, and blossom, by moves that stretch the body and confidence. Bring a mat, you can get some water, and a chance to enter a free drawing for more yoga. A regular sponsor of this event is radio Magic 98.9. This week’s event was supported by a local company called, Fossil Fuel, a healthy donut, for a healthier choice.