Angel Investing Conference Teaches New Investors

A path to diversifying Alaska’s economy by growing small businesses with local investors, is the effort of the inaugural Alaska Angel Conference 2019. Investors and investors-in-training, from around Alaska, met at the 49th State Brewery, in downtown Anchorage, to hear the pitches of 5 Alaskan startup companies, one of whom to receive over $100,000 to invest in their business. At this conference, new investors learn how to discern what is a good return on their investment. The startup companies have been going through a weeks long training and networking to better run and grow the business. The winner of the Audience Choice award for today’s event, alcohol infused cookies, Molly B’s BINGERZ., which are available at Brown Jug Liquor. The winner of the Angel Investors check is RAMPER Innovations, a company in Sitka, the invention of Tim Fulton, that produces a portable moving ramp for safe and efficient luggage loading into commercial airplane cargo bays.
Next year’s conference is slated for Juneau.